Many of you have been inspired by the authorship of the footprints in the sand poem. The footprints in the sand poem was authored by Ella H. Scharring-Hausen on June 6, 1922. The footprints in the sand poem was not authored by Mary Stevenson as claimed in 1936. The footprints poem was not authored by Margaret Fishback Powers as claimed in 1964. The footprints in the sand poem was later rewritten by the original authors niece Carolyn Joyce Carty in 1963.

People commonly mistake the authorship of the footprints in the sand poem because it was originally published as "author anonymous." The Footprints in the sand poem was published by Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen who was a reputable publisher from Hopewell, New Jersey. Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen was a well known author of books and newspaper articles. He had an extensive career in writing and publishing. After the death of his beloved wife in 1984 others sought to claim the footprints in the sand poem written by Ella H. Scharring-Hausen. 


Although Mrs. Scharring-Hausen declared her 1922 'Footprints in the Sand' poem (non-popular version) public domain property it does not give people the right to ruin the historical account of this poetry. The footprints in the sand poem anonymous authorship later became mistaken for "author unknown."  Sony Executive Simon Cowell decided to record Leona Lewis and their version of the inspirational footprints in the sand poem without giving proper credit to it's authorship. Gail Giorgio published a book titled The Life Story of Mary Stevenson to cash in on the readers of the world's most beloved poem. I read the life story of Mary Stevenson. The book authored by Gail Giorgio was well written however there is no historical foundation to it. A poem does not just magically get published. A publisher had to have published it.  In 1984 Mary Stevenson obtained knowledge that the true author of the footprints in the sand poem died.  Mrs. Scharring-Hausen died on June 5, 1984. Mary Stevenson soon filed a copyright at the US Copyright Office on December 10, 1984  to declared herself the author of footprints in the sand poem. The year of creation claimed by Mary Stevenson in her footprints in the sand copyright is 1939. That means that Mary Stevenson was 17 years old and not 14 years old as claimed by Mary Stevenson herself and author Gail Giorgio. This is just one example of the thwarted authorship presented by Gail Giorgio in her book about Mary Stevenson.

Gail Giorgio tried to convince the buying public by affirming in her book that she had seen the poem in print in 1955 and had it written in her diary. The internet was not very old when Gail Giorgio published the Life Story of Mary Stevenson in 1995. I quess Gail Giorgio couldn't predict the power of the internet. If the footprints in the sand poem had ever been published in 1955 you can be guaranteed that these works of art will be selling all around Ebay and the internet everywhere. The facts are no footprints in the sand poem can be found anywhere on the internet pre 1963, so you can be sure that the content of the story written by Gail Giorgio about Mary Stevenson being the footprints in the sand author is not true. There is an Anthology of Poetry about the footprints in the sand poem writings authored by Robert Louis Scharring-Hausen, Carolyn Joyce Carty, Ella H. Scharring-Hausen. The book has been preserved for several decades and are now available to the public.